January 2011

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Mach 4rFlow International Corp., Kent, Wash, launches the Mach 4r, a combined robotic waterjet/saw integrating the company's Paser® waterjet system and a six-axes arm with extended reach of 10.1'. The robotic arm includes a 20 HP direct-drive saw spindle. Dual work zones allow simultaneous loading and cutting of slabs; automatic tool paths are generated by easy-to-use software eliminating knowledge of G-code commands. The system also includes vein-matching and inventory-management software, along with a vision system allowing DXF images to be applied to a slab for precise cutting.
Contact: Flow International Corp.,  253-850-3500

Talon_ArrayBraxton-Bragg, Knoxville, Tenn., introduces the Talon™ Array 26mm Silent Core Bridge Saw Blade series, in diameters of 12" to 20". The Cutting Edge Array Technology used to create the blades offers even spacing of diamonds on the super-sized segments, offering fast cutting speeds with lower power draws on the saw spindle, with smooth cuts and minimal chipping.
Contact: Braxton-Bragg, 800-575-4401

Omni3_Pro-Anchor_PROmni Cubed Inc., Placerville, Calif., introduces the Pro-Anchor™ T-31 to easily and precisely cut curved T-slots in the back side of stone pieces to attach anchor bolts for installing undermount sinks or architectural facing systems. The machine is offered with both pneumatic and electric grinders, and with or without a vacuum-powered base; it's available from Braxton-Bragg.
Contact: OmniCubed, 877-311-1976


alpha__CeramicaDryAlpha Professional Tools®, Oakland, N.J., introduces Ceramica Dry polishing pads, the  dry version of its Ceramica Resin series. These new pads utilize a new process to make the diamond layer thicker for better results and longer life than typical dry resin pads. The pads will work with all natural stones and cement-based composites such as concrete and terrazzo. The pads, in 4" and 5" diameters and grits from 60 to 3,000, are hook-and-loop backed and utilize Alpha® Backer Pads.
Contact: Alpha Professional Tools, 800-648-7229