January 2011

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Polising_Pro_SystemBraxton-Bragg, Knoxville, Tenn., introduces the Polishing Pro System from fabricator/inventor Steve Anneker for completely removing stone-countertop scratches occurring during installation or normal use. Unlike a surface shine, the system uses are three 6” specially designed polishing pads, three 3” pads, and three 68-gram jars of polishing compound in grits of 6,000, 8,000, and 14,000. The pads have curved grooves that concentrate the compound into the center of the pad, reducing compound loss and improving performance. The system can be used with any popular variable-speed grinder/polisher.
Contact: Braxton-Bragg, 800-575-4401


LT-55 XL WirelessLaser Products Industries, Romeoville, Ill., offers  the LT-55 XL Laser Templator for quick and efficient digital, CAD-ready measurements for countertops, vanity tops and other surfaces for stone installation. The system now comes standard with an ASUS eeePC, a Windows-based mini-laptop with a 9" screen and full keyboard for generating DXF images; it's also able to work with job-tracking software for creating jobsite estimates and total time- and labor-management of every job. The unit can also access a database of popular sinks from Kohler, IPT and Elkay; accessories include the Back Splash Adaptor for precise splash measurements.
Contact: Laser Product Industries, 630-679-1300

extreme pic 5Bonstone Materials Corp., Mukwonago, Wis., introduces Fast Set Extreme, a structural strength knife-grade epoxy adhesive for stone with zero VOC and curing at below-freezing temperatures. Designed for installation and repair, the solution will work with anchoring/pinning, retaining-wall capping, adhering stone to concrete or metal, and setting of monuments/columns. It's available in 50ml, 250ml and 600ml cartridges, as well as gallons and pails.
Contact: Bonstone Materials Corp., 800-425-2214



LATICRETE DroidLATICRETE International Inc., Bethany, Conn., now offers the LATICRETE® Product Information App for any smartphone or mobile devices operating on the Android™ platform. Available for free download, the reference tool includes a grout-coverage estimator, along with the company's product descriptions, product details and document links.
Contact: LATICRETE International Inc., 800-243-4788