200_marbleIs the recovery continuing for stone? The data from U.S. ports-of-entry offers a mixed report; most categories and countries are building up from 2010, but a single country -- and it's a big one -- may cast some uncertainty.

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PICT0032The shortest month of the year offers some of the smallest numbers, but the 2011 totals tend to top 2010's performance.


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2005_travertineGranite shipments remain strong at the start of 2011, with Brazil finding hot competition from China to be #1. Travertine also shows signs of good recovery, according to a Stone Business analysis of U.S. import data.

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graniteWith initial reports in for December 2010, it’s possible to take a preliminary look at last year’s U.S. imports in dimensional stone -- and it's good news for granite.

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Granite and slate have an exceptional month. Marble is here and there, travertine gets its growth outside of Turkey, and other calcareous stone still suffers from the Lebanese letdown.

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